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Gippsland Eco Green

Gippsland, located in the southeastern region of Victoria, is blessed with a rich natural beauty that includes pristine beaches, lakes, forests, and mountains. The region is home to several businesses that are committed to contributing to Eco Green. These businesses have recognized the importance of preserving the environment and are working towards creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

This article will cover several businesses that have made significant contributions to Eco Green in Gippsland.

1. Gippsland Solar

Gippsland Solar is a solar energy company that is committed to providing renewable energy solutions to the residents of Gippsland. Established in 2012, this company has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and offers a range of services such as solar panel installations, battery storage solutions, and energy efficiency audits.

The benefits of using Gippsland Solar's services are manifold. By installing solar panels and battery storage systems, individuals can reduce their reliance on the grid and take control of their energy consumption. This move can significantly reduce overall energy bills and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact Details:

Phone: (03) 5176 5588

2. Tarago Landcare

Tarago Landcare is a community-based organization that was formed to protect and preserve the natural environment in the Tarago catchment area. This organization has undertaken several projects aimed at restoring and protecting the local flora and fauna.

Their projects range from planting native trees and shrubs to tackling weed and pest infestations. Tarago Landcare also organizes educational programs and workshops aimed at creating awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability.

The benefits of Tarago Landcare's projects are significant. By restoring and protecting the local biodiversity, they are creating a balanced ecosystem that benefits all living organisms. This move also contributes to the preservation of the natural environment and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Contact Details:

Phone: 0427 876 556

3. Ripe For Change

Ripe For Change is a Gippsland-based organization that is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the region. Established in 2016, this organization has a strong focus on regenerative agriculture, which aims to create a sustainable food system that benefits the environment.

Ripe For Change works with local farmers to offer training and support for the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices. They also run educational programs and workshops aimed at creating awareness about regenerative agriculture and the benefits it offers.

The benefits of regenerative agriculture are significant. By adopting sustainable farming practices, farmers can reduce their reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are harmful to the environment. This move also creates a sustainable food system that benefits everyone.

Contact Details:

Phone: 0498 021 100

4. Gippsland Jersey

Gippsland Jersey is a dairy company that is committed to creating a sustainable future for the dairy industry in Gippsland. Established in 2016, this company has a strong focus on ethical and sustainable farming practices that benefit both the cows and the environment.

Gippsland Jersey works with local farmers to produce high-quality milk that is free from harmful chemicals and antibiotics. They also support local farmers by providing them with a fair price for their milk, which helps them to sustain their farm businesses.

The benefits of using Gippsland Jersey's products are manifold. By using ethically-sourced milk, individuals are supporting sustainable and responsible farming practices. This move also helps to preserve the natural environment and create a balanced ecosystem.

Contact Details:

Phone: (03) 5628 2077


The businesses discussed in this article are just a few examples of the several businesses in Gippsland that are committed to contributing to Eco Green. By adopting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, these organizations are creating a sustainable future that benefits everyone.

If you are interested in supporting these organizations, please contact them to learn more about their services and how you can contribute to their efforts.

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